1st Hand Plaster Paralimnitiko

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Ready mixed mortar, without lime, based on Portland cement and aggregates. Is used as a first coat plaster (sprayed or spattered) in order to prepare the substrate for the application of top coat plasters. 1st hand plaster applies to both interior and exterior surfaces, on wall surfaces made of brick, cement blocks and concrete.


Form: Cementinious mortar.

Benefits: it replaces the traditional 1st hand, has consistent quality, it is applied very quickly, high adherence.

Range of Application: Cast bonding layer on concrete surfaces, walls, thermal insulation boards, etc., to enhance the adhesion of the plaster.

Consumption: 2 – 3 kg/m² for application thickness 2-3mm. Consumption may vary depending on surface.

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25 Kg

Χρώμα / Colour

Γκρίζο / Grey