Alfa Αrmos Acrylic – Super strength Silicone Grout

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Super strength, Flexible, Cementitious grout (CG2) with high resistance to moisture (W) and abrasion (A). Suitable for grouting widths from 1 to 8mm.


Benefits: It applies easily and cleans rapidly, having exceptional color stability and uniformity, with low shrinkage and good resistance to acids. It is resistant to both moisture and abrasion.

Applications: for grouting widths from 1-8mm, both indoors and outdoors, wall and floor surfaces lined with ceramic tiles, granite and mosaic, as well as spaces with permanent and high moisture levels, such as pools, bathrooms, balconies, terraces and kitchens.

Consumption: 80gr/m² – 1500gr/m² depending on the width and the depth of the joint, as well as the dimensions of the tiles.

Mixing: 5kg Alfa Armos with approximately 1.2 – 1.5Lt water or
5kg Alfa Armos with approximately 1Lt water and 0.5lt Latex.