Alfakol 24* Tile Adhesive C2FTE-S2

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Elastic, super-reinforced, fast setting, cementitious adhesive, with extended open application time and zero vertical slip.
Shows high resistance to constant presence of moisture, to frost and intense substrate movements.


Appearance: cement-based powder.

Range of Application: ideal for renovation where is required fast setting, high elasticity, and high persistence to moisture. Suitable for all kind of types and sizes of tiles, granite, glass panes, decorative bricks and natural or technical stone on surfaces of plaster, concrete, polystyrene, plasterboard and cement boards. Its high resistance to contraction and intense temperature changes makes it ideal for fitting ceramics on existing ones, to underfloor heating, bathrooms, swimming pools, balconies and also terraces.

Consumption: 5-6kg/m² depending on the use and surface.

Mixing with water: 25kg Alfakol 24* with approximately 6-7Lt water.