Alfa Therm Thick – Αdhesive-Coating For Thermal Insulation Boards

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Οne-component cement-based mortar for bonding and reinforce of thermal insulation boards (EPS/XPS/stone wool etc.) especially where thicker application is needed.



Form: Fiber-reinforced cement-based mortar

 Benefits: Excellent adhesion and high mechanical strength.

 Applications: for the adhesion of thermal insulation boards on non-flat substrates such as surfaces made of texture coating sprits, etc.
Also used as plaster on cement or gypsum boards, surfaces with sprits, or texture coating (graffiato)

 Consumption: 6-7 kg/m² for 3-4mm of thickness.

 Mixing: 25kg Alfatherm with approximately 6-7Lt water

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25 Kg

Χρώμα / Colour

Άσπρο / White, Γκρίζο / Grey