Alfakol 11* Tile Adhesive C2TE-S1

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Deformable cementitious tile adhesive with zero slip and extended open time.


Form: Cement-based mortar.

Applications: For indoor and outdoor use on floors and walls, for bonding low and non-absorbent tiles (up to 120×120) like porcelain tiles, granite, glass mosaic, decorative bricks, regardless of their dimensions and stones on plastered surfaces, concrete, gypsum, and cement boards.

Consumption: 5-6kg/m² depending on the use and surface.

Mixing: 25kg Alfakol 11* with approximately 6-7Lt water.

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25 Kg

Χρώμα / Colour

Άσπρο / White, Γκρίζο / Grey, Κίτρινο / Yellow