Epoxy Liquid Glass

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Strong, transparent 2-component epoxy resin, without solvents, to create decorative surfaces.


Range of Application: Due to its shape (liquid glass) it is ideal to be applied either as a casting material or as a final transparent decorative coating on many types of substrates, such as cement floors, or pressed cement mortars, wood, stone, etc. its most common application is the boxing of various objects (such as pebbles, shells, flowers, etc.) giving a long-lasting glossy surface with a look of a glass.

Consumption: As a casting material: 1kg/m²/mm thickness of layering.

As a final coat or varnish: 200gr/m²/ layering depending on the absorbency of the substrate.

Package:  container 10kg (A:6,4kg, B:3,6kg) container 5kg (A:3,2kg, B: 1,8kg), container 1kg (A:0,65kg, B:0,35kg).